April Florals 1


While everyone else rambles on about how “April showers bring May flowers”, i’m sharing some April florals that will hopefully make you forget about all the April showers we’ve been experiencing.

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Mission Taco Joint

Mission Taco 7


Forget taco Tuesdays, i’ll take tacos everyday. Especially if they are Mission Taco Joint tacos. Sitting pretty on Lafayette Ave in Soulard, is Mission Taco Joint’s second location – one I probably frequent a bit too much. Continue Reading


Downtown St. Louis, Illustrated



The Kansas City map was pretty fun to doodle and even more fun to read the comments about your favorite spots. In an attempt to highlight some rad places in St. Louis, i’m introducing a series of St. Louis Neighborhoods, illustrated. I’m kicking off the series with the core of the city, Downtown St. Louis. Continue Reading


Blueprint Coffee



There’s a sign in the window that alternates between OPEN and NOPE. If you happen to catch the sign during the hours of 7am and 7pm everyday, you can experience the delight of a handcrafted beverage from Blueprint Coffee. Behind the counter, talented baristas are waiting to pull shots for an espresso or carefully extract the flavors through a pour-over at the brew bar.  Continue Reading


Local Harvest Cafe

LHC Featured


A block down from the namesake grocery store, Local Harvest Cafe is serving up meals that are as delicious as they are sustainable. Staying true to the name, the cafe sources a variety of ingredients from local farms. It’s difficult to choose between the sweet and savory brunch offerings, but either choice will be a good one. Continue Reading


Kansas City

Kansas City Map Web Final


The weekend that ice storm hit the midwest is the same weekend Gracie and I decided to take a drive across the state. Our trip to Kansas City was part work (the Go Blog Social workshop) and part play (eating and drinking our way through the city). Continue Reading


Layering: Knits + Quilts + Denim

Madewell 2-2


The arrival of daylight savings time, and that beloved extra light at the end of the day, are making me hopeful after the snow “storm” we had this past weekend. Just 4 days until we spring forward! As much as I love layers, i’m looking forward to wearing less of them. Continue Reading


Earthbound Beer

EB 3


In an alleyway-turned-building on Cherokee Street, weird beers are brewing. If you aren’t paying attention when you stroll down the block, you might miss Earthbound bar and brewery. Stuart Keating and Jeff Siddons, two dudes from Oklahoma, and an STL native, Rebecca Schranz, are the trio behind the city’s newest micro-brewery. And when I say micro, I mean really micro. The space measures 10 feet by 100 feet with a history that includes a nail salon and a strangely shaped apartment, all fitting into a spot that was once an alleyway. Continue Reading


Lilac Tops + Madewell Denim Love

Madewell 3-8

Raise your hand if you’re over winter (insert girl with raised hand emoji here). Instead of dwelling too much on the frigid temperatures invading the midwest, i’ve taken to wearing spring colors and shorter sleeves. This lilac silk courier shirt from Madewell is a lovely splash of color. And the denim, oh the Madewell denim. I could rave about the Skinny Skinny jeans for days.

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T G I F + Booze Delivery.

Drizly 6

This week has been a particularly taxing one. Between side-projects and my 9-5, the to-do list can be a little much. I’m probably saying yes to too many things.

Lately, nights have been spent with a computer in my lap and a dwindling stash of thin mints. Last night I set the work aside to spend time with friends. Continue Reading