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turning a resolution into good habits.

July 28, 2014

Athlete Eats STL

I’m sort of monumentally bad at sticking to resolutions. By day three of that time I resolved to stop drinking coffee, I was daydreaming of iced lattes, which led straight to the consumption of an iced latte. I was going to drink more water everyday, but by day 7 I was annoyed by how many times I had to get up and pee. When ALIVE Magazine launched the health and fitness issue in July, along with Be Well STL, and the #31DaysOfMovement challenge, I thought i’d give those pesky resolutions another shot. If only because I work at ALIVE and you know, team spirit and stuff.

Method of attack: trick my brain into thinking of it as a more active lifestyle, paired with better food (bye taco bell drive thru) and less like a resolution to exercise. I added Southtown Yoga into my list of things to do at least once a week, i’ve been riding my bike to work every day, and get up early to go on occasional runs. The hardest thing is making time for all the activity. Having a support system in place was pretty clutch. Lisa and Elise are training for the Chicago Marathon (you go, ladies!), and early morning runs are easier when done with Elise.

As for the healthier eating…i’ve been all about places like Athlete Eats. Local, tasty, and healthy. It’s a trifecta for good food (and drinks!). It’s hard to pick a favorite smoothie or juice, but the Berry Blast has been leading the charge lately. Stop by Cherokee street and sip on one yourself.

Athlete Eats STL

Athlete Eats STL

Athlete Eats STL

This #31DaysOfMovement thing has been working out for me. And though the 31 days are coming to a fast end, the change in habits is not. Every time I finish a run or walk out of a yoga session, I feel amazing! I think Elle Woods said it best…”Endorphins make you happy! Happy people don’t kill their husbands.”

[All photos by Abby Gillardi.]

I teamed up with ALIVE Magazine to bring you this post. Thank you for supporting the people that make City in a Jar possible! 

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white on white

July 22, 2014

City in a Jar White Out 3

I am was afraid of the all white outfit. It’s like tempting the powers that be and asking for a coffee spill. Or, my favorite, “how did red lipstick get on my sleeve?!” stain. My fear has kept me from the whole white-on-white thing, until now.

Hello to the monocromatic summer outfit (assembled after a text to Lo asking if cream and white together is faux pas, because not all white clothing is the same kind of white and it’s hard to match that shit).

City in a Jar White Out 1

And because I like to keep things weird…


City in a Jar White Out 5


[All photos by Abby Gillardi.]

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i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

July 17, 2014


Pretend, just for a second, that you don’t celebrate National Ice Cream Month all twelve months of the year. In which case, July should be an extra special month to consume as much ice cream as you’d like without guilt because, according to President Reagan, it’s your duty as an American.

Occasionally i’ll exercise the excuse that as an adult, I can have ice cream for dinner. Sometimes, if i’m feeling extra rebellious, i’ll have it for breakfast.

There is no right or wrong flavor, topping, or vessel when it comes to ice cream. Want gummy worms on top of that mint chocolate chip cone? Craving plain vanilla with more sprinkles than ice cream? You do you. But if I had to pick one ice cream to eat for the rest of forever, it would be Americone Dream.

And, just for fun – an ode to the waffle cone.

While july may be National Ice Cream Month, this sunday is National Ice Cream Day. So, tell me, how will you celebrate?

City in a Jar Ice Cream Month 4

City in a Jar Ice Cream Month 6

City in a Jar Ice Cream Month 8


Photos were taken at Jilly’s Ice Cream Bar.

[All photos by Abby Gillardi.]

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i’m baaaaack.

June 17, 2014

SKIF Dress

For a while now i’ve been using the phrase “i’m a bad blogger” because I haven’t been posting frequently on City in a Jar. The thing is, I don’t actually think i’m a bad blogger. I’m just busy with non-blog things right now, leaving very little time to share thing with you.

Like cutting 10 inches off my hair.

And hanging out at coney island.

Or teaching myself to weave.

Oh. Also, work. (Which turns out is the biggest time suck of them all. Damn, 9-5′s. Am I right?)

I won’t promise consistent posts that will blow your mind. But I will promise to make an effort to share things with you again, because that’s fun for me (and I hope for you too).

Let’s start off with a bang, shall we? SKIF International has taken over my closet, and i’m giddy about it. I can’t stop buying her cozy knits and gorgeous silks. I’ve worn this blue and grey silk piece as a shirt and a dress – i’m a sucker for versatility.

SKIF Dress

SKIF Dress


SKIF Dress

What is your biggest time suck and what do you wish you could spend more time doing?

[All photos by Christopher Dugas.]

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if the glasses fit…

May 9, 2014

I’ve always been grateful i don’t have to wear glasses. I think mostly because i’d lose them rather quickly. But that never stopped me from trying on the occasional pair in vain. While i am glad i can see across the room or read a book without a pair of specs, sometimes i wish i had a reason to wear all the cute frames. (The grass is always greener, eh?)

Warby Parker just released their Summer Collection, and the want of needing a pair of adorable frames perched atop my nose has never been stronger. Alas, i just can’t give into the idea of a presecription-less pair for looks only. I can, however, justify protecting my delicate brown eyes from the suns harsh rays. Enter: the sunglasses portion of the Warby Parker Summer Collection.


Beach time just got a lot cuter. Heck, my walk to get coffee in the morning did too. I couldn’t pick just one favorite, and in no particular order, i’m pretty sure these four would look dang good on my face.

Warby Parker Summer Collection 2014

one / two / three / four

I hate to be so cliche and say “summer staple”, but if the shoe (or sunglasses) fits…

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wear it // thirty-eight

February 12, 2014


Jam packed weekends have kind of been my thing for, well, for ever. In school my Saturdays and Sundays were spent working. Through college I managed to spend more hours at Fitz’s on a weekend than in my actual apartment. Then this full time job thing happened, and I no longer needed to spend weekends working to make rent. At first weekends were a foreign concept. What was I supposed to do with all this new found time? I’ve got days to just…be! And then, like magic, all free time disappeared. Weekends were filled with trips to the grocery store, birthday parties, brunches and…exercise?

As is indicative of the seasons, i’ve been staying in a lot more on weekends (so much for all that exercise!). Sitting on my couch with a mug of coffee and the newest Kinfolk is better than stepping out into 15 degree cold to run errands. Though I really wish the winter torture would end, it’s been nice to be home instead of running about town every Saturday. I’m averaging about two baked goods and three naps per weekend in 2014.

[ shirt: Forever 21 / pants: snatched from SK's closet / watch: c/o May 28th x Anthropologie]



How are you spending your weekends – do you pack them to brim with activites, or go with a more relaxed approach?

[All photos by Abby Gillardi.]

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let them eat cake.

February 10, 2014


Today i’m a quarter of a century old. I’ve already had a teensy freak out moment about being closer to thirty than I am to twenty. And I definitely thought i’d have my shit together by now.

It’s hard not to laugh when I think about my thirteen year old self making life plans. “I’m going to college, then i’ll get a job, and i’ll be married in my early twenties, so I can have children in my mid twenties.” Just like that. Everything was going to be so easy. At 25, i’m looking around thinking “I still have no idea what I actually want to do, dating is hard, and the thought of being responsible for another human right now is terrifying.” On top of the big life stuff, I eat ice cream (or cheese) for dinner at least one night a week, which is definitely not how i’d define ‘having your shit together.’

But, you know what? I’m happy. So, twenty five isn’t looking so bad.

Plus, I ate cake for breakfast.

*Image created for City in a Jar by @loveleesie.



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