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wear it // eight

Autumn is sneaking up on us here in the Midwest. Eager for falling temperatures, I’ve started digging out the long sleeves.  A Canadian tuxedo of sorts – the top is really chambray, not denim – but we can pretend. A perfect outfit for when I’m in the mood for jeans, but want something a bit sassier – and that emerald-green bag is the ideal jewel tone for fall.

[ shirt & watch: Target / denim: DIY / shoes: Bakers / bag: H&M / bracelets: Urban Outfitters ]

Wear it: for weekend errands.

Lighter jackets layered with thick sweaters get me through the fall. What is your go-to piece? 

[All photos by Caitlin Marie Photography]

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DIY // dotted denim

I’m crazy about polka dots – they make everything so fun. I’ve got a gazillion polka-dotted tops, but wanted to sport a pair of polka-dotted pants. I found a couple pairs I liked, but was not crazy about the price. Instead of breaking the bank, I grabbed a pair of old jeans, some white fabric paint and a no. 2 pencil (with the eraser still in tact), masking tape and got to work.

There really is no certain way to polka dot denim. I just sort of eyeballed a section mid-thy and taped masking tape as a straight line guide. To make the dots on the denim, I dipped the pencil eraser in the paint, and pressed onto the jeans. I worked both up and down from the masking tape, spacing the dots out about one and a half inches apart using a measuring tape as my ruler. Do this for both the front and back of the jeans. After both legs were dry, I went back, free-hand, to fill in dots in-between the spaces, so they didn’t look so geometric.


DIY // glitter dinosaur

A tiny toy dinosaur is such an odd, yet wonderful addition to my desk. And I’ve been seeing the Midas touch thing all over the place – so let’s turn more things gold!

This two material DIY is easy-peasy. Grab some tiny dino’s – I got mine from the dollar store toy section – and a can of gold spray paint. Line up the dinosaurs and paint. To spruce ‘em up just a little, I added some gold glitter.


making limoncello.

With the temperatures pointing to all things summer, I decided to take on my to-do list and begin the process of making limoncello.

limoncello – n. an Italian lemon liqueur made with lemon zest, sugar, water, and vodka.

It’s an easy recipe, but a slow one. It will take 60 days to complete this version of limoncello. By August, I’ll have delicious lemon liqueur to mix with soda or champagne, or even in a margarita on the rocks.

Limoncello — adapted from Lidia’s Italy in America by Lidia Matticchio

You will need:
15 lemons
1 (750 ml) bottle vodka
3.5 c. water
2.5 c. granulated sugar
1 glass bottle with closure

1. Wash and pat dry the lemons. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the zest (the colored portion of the peel). Leave behind the white pith, which would make the limoncello bitter. Refrigerate the lemons for another use.

2. Combine lemon zest and vodka in a glass jar. Cover and keep in a cool, dark place for 30 days. (The liquid should smell strongly of lemon and have turned a deep yellow.)

3. Combine water and sugar in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, the let boil for 5-7 minutes.

4. Let sugar syrup cool completely, then add to the vodka mixture. Stir, cover and left rest for an additional 30 days, to let the flavors further mellow and belend with the syrup.

5. Strain the limoncello through a moistened cheesecloth of coffee filter. Discard the lemon zest, pour the strained limoncellon into your choice of bottle and seal tightly.

Here’s to life handing you lemons. See you in 30 days, lemony goodness!

Keep craving what you love —


DIY // glitter magnets

Seems that glitter is a pretty popular thing ’round these parts. (The glitter pegs did get us featured on the Freshly Pressed section of WordPress.) So, here’s another DIY where we dip things in the so called ‘herpes of art supplies’. Just as the pegs are a fun way to add a little sparkle to your displays, these magnets add some shine to the artwork, pictures, and reminders that hang on your fridge. It’s a seriously easy two step process – cover magnet in mod podge, dip in glitter. The pictures below explain it all. Happy glittering!


DIY // hello print

One woman printing press, right here! Er, sort of…

I’ve always loved the look of hand stamped cards. The imperfections in the stamp and smudges of ink are what give them so much character. The idea of doing this myself seemed daunting at first, but it’s really pretty easy – and the simple ‘hello’ on this card is perfect for anytime I want to drop a line to far away friends.

one: tape the paper, printed side down, onto the styrofoam.

two: trace the words so the marker bleeds through the paper onto the foam.

three: remove the paper.

four: carve the design (or words) into the styrofoam – I used the end of a thin paintbrush.

five: remove the extra foam from outside the word bubble.

six: spread the ink and cover the roller.

seven: cover the stamp in ink.

eight: press the stamp onto the paper.

Happy print making!


DIY // tassel keychain

I decided to get real hands on with this project. My key chain needed something other than, well, keys. Enter the DIY side of my brain. I like tassels – they are simple and classic and way easy to make.


Step one: feed the leather strips (about 6 inches long) through the smaller key chain – leave one out for step 6.

Step two: fold the strips over the key chain.

Step three: twist the wire about half an inch below the fold to secure the strips.

Step four: cut the wire.

Step five: not really a step…just what the tassel should currently look like.

Step six: take the extra leather strip and tuck into the wire. Wrap around the tassel to cover the wire.

Step seven: feed the end of the strip through the hole above the wire wrap under the fold.  

Step eight: feed the end of the strip through the wrapped leather. Pull tight to secure it.

Step nine: cut the ends to make all strips even. Attach to the bigger key chain. Viola!


DIY // glitter pegs.

I’ve gotten into the habit of displaying things on string, attached with little wooden pegs – the kind my mother used to hang the clothes to the drying line with when we were kids. It’s no secret that I love glitter, that being so, I added little sparkle to the wooden pegs.


{apply a thin layer of mod podge to the wooden peg}

{press the wooden peg (mod podge side down) into the glitter}

{ta da! apply another thin layer of mod podge over the glitter for extra coating}

{use to display all your favorite pictures, papers, cards, etc!}