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DIY // glitter dinosaur

A tiny toy dinosaur is such an odd, yet wonderful addition to my desk. And I’ve been seeing the Midas touch thing all over the place – so let’s turn more things gold!

This two material DIY is easy-peasy. Grab some tiny dino’s – I got mine from the dollar store toy section – and a can of gold spray paint. Line up the dinosaurs and paint. To spruce ‘em up just a little, I added some gold glitter.


DIY // glitter magnets

Seems that glitter is a pretty popular thing ’round these parts. (The glitter pegs did get us featured on the Freshly Pressed section of WordPress.) So, here’s another DIY where we dip things in the so called ‘herpes of art supplies’. Just as the pegs are a fun way to add a little sparkle to your displays, these magnets add some shine to the artwork, pictures, and reminders that hang on your fridge. It’s a seriously easy two step process – cover magnet in mod podge, dip in glitter. The pictures below explain it all. Happy glittering!


DIY // glitter pegs.

I’ve gotten into the habit of displaying things on string, attached with little wooden pegs – the kind my mother used to hang the clothes to the drying line with when we were kids. It’s no secret that I love glitter, that being so, I added little sparkle to the wooden pegs.


{apply a thin layer of mod podge to the wooden peg}

{press the wooden peg (mod podge side down) into the glitter}

{ta da! apply another thin layer of mod podge over the glitter for extra coating}

{use to display all your favorite pictures, papers, cards, etc!}