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i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

City in a Jar Ice Cream Month 4

Pretend, just for a second, that you don’t celebrate National Ice Cream Month all twelve months of the year. In which case, July should be an extra special month to consume as much ice cream as you’d like without guilt because, according to President Reagan, it’s your duty as an American.

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Beer Floats


I know it’s winter and all so a float may seem out of place, but ice-cream is one of those foods you can eat all year round. And beer, well, again with that whole year round thing. So grab a bottle of your favorite stout and the vanilla ice-cream and treat yo’ self to a boozy treat.

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wear it // ten

City in a Jar 1

On occasion I like to remind myself that as an ‘adult’ it is entirely alright to eat ice-cream for dinner. It’s one of the few perks of growing up. It’s also a very summer thing for me. So, soaking up the last of the season, I treated myself to a wildly unhealthy ‘meal’. I took advantage of the nice weather by pairing casual dotted shorts with a classic white blouse.

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Ice Cream Sammies

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, but as I’ve still got something like 17 days before Autumn I’m going to continue to eat ice cream sandwiches – and tell you about them.

Waffle iron + chocolate chip cookie dough + ice cream = the best ice cream sandwich you’ll ever eat.

Make a regular batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, then bake on the waffle iron. Baking the cookies this way makes them a little bit crunchier and perfect for sandwiching ice cream. Add a scoop of your favorite flavor, and voila!