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DIY // tassel keychain

I decided to get real hands on with this project. My key chain needed something other than, well, keys. Enter the DIY side of my brain. I like tassels – they are simple and classic and way easy to make.


Step one: feed the leather strips (about 6 inches long) through the smaller key chain – leave one out for step 6.

Step two: fold the strips over the key chain.

Step three: twist the wire about half an inch below the fold to secure the strips.

Step four: cut the wire.

Step five: not really a step…just what the tassel should currently look like.

Step six: take the extra leather strip and tuck into the wire. Wrap around the tassel to cover the wire.

Step seven: feed the end of the strip through the hole above the wire wrap under the fold.  

Step eight: feed the end of the strip through the wrapped leather. Pull tight to secure it.

Step nine: cut the ends to make all strips even. Attach to the bigger key chain. Viola!