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style a guy :: fit to be tied

aqua windsor :: sea foam bow :: anchor windsor

pink plaid windsor :: check windsor ::

red reversible bow :: orange reversible bow :: navy windsor

skull clip :: cycling clip :: transformers clip

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I love a man in a good suit and tie.

Whether it’s because of the fast approaching wedding season or the extensive tie collection Mr. Christian Grey displays in Fifty Shades of Grey, I have been taking notice to more men and their choice of neck-wear.

Out are the boring, tired patterns from the 90s. In are the fun, whimsical colors, textures and patterns that are both professional and individualistic. Tie clips can be an added accessory to make any ol’ suit your own style; wear your favorite action figure or something just down right silly. It still adds to your polished look. Don’t be afraid of a little fun!

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style a guy: shoes.

:: sperry topsiders :: cole haan oxfords :: clarks :: cole haan slip-ons ::

:: otz1 :: jack purcell ::

Men, women look at your shoes. It’s a fact.

Even for the guys, shoes can complete a look. They don’t have to be the most expensive of shoes, but if you’re seeing holes, grass stains or even a ketchup smudge from eight summers ago — it’s time to hang them up. Here are some of my favorites to go with your business casual look.

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ETC., export

style a guy: men of Downton Abbey

Bow Ties 1 2 3 :: Phone for the ages :: English Classic

Officer’s Pea-coat :: Countryside Wellies 

Military Red :: Union Jack Utility

There is no denying it; Downton Abbey is sweeping the United States. I find it to be a healthy obsession filled with classic style, English wit and proper scandal.

While watching the men dress for dinner parties or head off to the Great War, I couldn’t help but notice their fashion cues were impeccable.  Such style, such grace. True gentlemen, whether they were in real life or not.

Here is some of the inspiration I took from the men of Downton.

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style a guy + date night

Whether it’s dinner and a movie or out for drinks, here are just some of my favorite looks and pieces that are sure to capture your date’s eye. Nothing says date night success like a simple, no fuss outfit. Feel free to leave the graphic tees, athletic apparel, & stinky shoes at home. Trust me, they don’t look good on anyone.

linen plaid tie :: mixed patterns

:: sweater + blazer :: vintage slim fit jeans :: different shades of color ::

functional essentials :: cole hann lunargrand wingtips

What’s a look that you love on date night?

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style a guy

Casual doesn’t have to be a gross, over-sized hoodie and a backwards hat. Here are just a few, classic style ideas for men to help snazz up even the simplest of looks.

one :: heathered cotton sweatshirt sweater

two :: hawkings mcgill desert boot

three :: nixon time teller P watch

four :: henley shirt

five :: lightweight gingham button-down shirt

six :: diesel pullover hoodie

What’s one of your favorite men’s looks that is casual, yet put together?

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