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DIY // hello print

One woman printing press, right here! Er, sort of…

I’ve always loved the look of hand stamped cards. The imperfections in the stamp and smudges of ink are what give them so much character. The idea of doing this myself seemed daunting at first, but it’s really pretty easy – and the simple ‘hello’ on this card is perfect for anytime I want to drop a line to far away friends.

one: tape the paper, printed side down, onto the styrofoam.

two: trace the words so the marker bleeds through the paper onto the foam.

three: remove the paper.

four: carve the design (or words) into the styrofoam – I used the end of a thin paintbrush.

five: remove the extra foam from outside the word bubble.

six: spread the ink and cover the roller.

seven: cover the stamp in ink.

eight: press the stamp onto the paper.

Happy print making!