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wear it // thirty-eight


Jam packed weekends have kind of been my thing for, well, for ever. In school my Saturdays and Sundays were spent working. Through college I managed to spend more hours at Fitz’s on a weekend than in my actual apartment. Then this full time job thing happened, and I no longer needed to spend weekends working to make rent. At first weekends were a foreign concept. What was I supposed to do with all this new found time? I’ve got days to just…be! And then, like magic, all free time disappeared. Weekends were filled with trips to the grocery store, birthday parties, brunches and…exercise? Continue Reading


wear it // thirty-four


I’m slacking in my wardrobe transition from summer to fall/winter. Tossing a jacket over a very summer-y combo doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. So, hanging out on a rooftop on a rather chilly morning in a flowy, sheer skirt was a silly idea. While the addition of the leather jacket helped a tad bit, my legs were still a little cold. Time to break out all the tights, I think.

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wear it // thirty-three


Chilly weather ushered itself into St. Louis, and with it came an excuse to wear a vintage Budweiser knit hat I snagged from Eve’s Apple Vintage during this shoot. I want to wander around town singing the words of Jack White (“fall is here, hear the yell”) and bake apple pies every weekend.  And maybe watch Meg Ryan movies on repeat. When Harry Met Sally, anyone? Continue Reading


wear it // thirty


Summer time calls for bright yellow swimsuits and days spent lounging by water. Ideally i’d spend my weekends at a beach, but living in the Midwest puts a bit of a halt to that plan. I’ll settle for lovely friends with large pools. In addition to a bright one piece, I make sure all the essentials are with me. Then I get to sitting, with an occasional dip in the water. You know, to cool off. Continue Reading


wear it // twenty-nine


I’m a really big fan of seeing movies by myself. I enjoy the alone time and not having to share my milk duds. The Hi-Pointe theater is walking distance from my new place – and has a very retro feel. So these high waisted silk pants were spot on for my most recent movie-going experience. They are real flowy and class up an otherwise plain striped crop. I added a dotted clutch (because how else would I sneak milk duds into the theater) and mint sandals. Continue Reading


wear it // twenty-eight


I’m a walking picnic in this gingham frock. Playing up the alfresco factor, I took to the grass with my iced coffee to find shapes in the clouds. A woven belt adds to the ‘picnic in the park’ feel of this outfit. Strap on a pair of nude sandals and add a striped clutch, because every outfit needs stripes, right?

[ dress: Forever 21 / shoes: Nine West / clutch: Zappos / bracelets: Forever 21 / necklace: Kate Spade ]

Wear it: for iced coffee in the park.


Picnic Outfit


Seriously, I might just live in this dress all summer. It’s a wearable picnic, minus the ants!

[All photos by Christopher Willingham]

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wear it // twenty-six


I’ve been thinking of stripes as a neutral for a while now. They go with everything and I adore wearing them. I gave into the trend of floral printed pants – and am really happy with that decision. These crop trousers from H&M are so spring-y and definitely a statement. I tossed on an old pair of nude sandals and layered my favorite Kate Spade necklace with a chunky gem strand from Forever 21. I almost ditched the bright pink lipstick – sometimes I get weird looks when I wear it – but I was feeling spunky. Continue Reading


wear it // twenty-one

Patterns 1

I recently read somewhere that stripes and polka dots can be used as neutrals in an outfit. While I absolutely agree with that statement, I also think pairing the two together makes for an interesting mix of prints. Layering a chambray shirt under the dotted blouse gives a casual feel to the outfit – and those dotted socks sticking out from the cropped pants play up the dot pattern more. I got a lot of funny looks that day for my socks – but I think it was just the right amount of whimsy for an otherwise structured look. And those bracelets – new arm candy from CLR-MNSTR. Continue Reading


wear it // thirteen

Stripes and Dots 1

I finally found a way to combine my love of both dots and stripes into one ensamble. A laid back dotted chambray top tucked into a bold black and white striped skirt makes for a casual mix. Slip into your favorite pair of worn boots and voila – an outfit fit for a coffee date. Continue Reading


wear it // twelve

Stripes 2

Sometimes inspiration hits in the most bizarre ways. For this outfit, it was the sketch hanging on my wall. Throwing together two older pieces from my closet, I imitated the dainty girl framed above my desk. What’s wild about this, is that Leslie sketched this out on a scrap piece of paper, and I fell in love with it. It wasn’t until I was assembling the outfit that I realized how perfectly my existing pieces fit the sketch. Continue Reading